What can we talk about in our sessions?

Whatever is important to you. I've worked with many clients, with many different experiences and circumstances. These range from relationship and family difficulties, to addictions, trauma, violence and abuse, people living with symptoms of PTSD, neurodivergent clients, clients dealing with bereavement, anxiety, depression and stress. I am particularly interested in working with clients from the LGBTQ+ community and those dealing with significant trauma, PTSD symptoms, addictions and so on. I am a cisgender bisexual and queer woman and I use she/her pronouns. I work with an open-mindset and am poly/kink/bsdm aware.Subsequently much of my further training and continued professional development is based around these specific areas.


How many sessions may I have?

As many sessions as you think you need. I offer both short and long-term counselling. I also understand that sometimes clients wish to return after counselling has ended to continue with other presenting difficulties, or as a top up. I endeavour to provide space to clients wishing to return to counselling sessions with me. I also regularly review our counselling sessions with you; this makes sure our time together is as effective and useful to you as it can be.


How do you work?

Typically, counselling sessions involve a conversation whereby I listen carefully and attentively to what you say. I work integratively using a range of approaches and counselling models. I work in a client-led and humanistic way, which simply means that we work in a way that best suits you. I am also heavily influenced by Polyvagal theory, Existentialism, Gestalt theory, the use of narratives and stories within therapy and parts work. I am happy to work creatively with clients, if this suits. I have a sand-tray available for use in my room. We can discuss this more in our initial consultation, or you are welcome to email me with any questions you may have.


Do you have a contract?

Yes. I will send you my contract prior to our first meeting / consultation to read through as it provides important details to do with the way we agree to work together. We can briefly discuss the contract during our first meeting / consultation to make sure you are happy with the details of it.


Are you a member of a professional body?

Currently, in the UK, counselling/psychotherapists are not regulated which means anybody can say they are one. However, most reputable and trained counsellors/psychotherapists will be a member of a professional body. I am a registered member of BACP and I am an accredited counsellor with NCPS . I completed an Integrative Counselling Diploma at Iron Mill College, Exeter.


How can I book a session?

Please get in touch - all the details of how to do so can be found here. I offer an initial discounted consultation of £20 for a 30-minute meeting. All counsellors are different and it is important that you feel that I am the right person to work with you. I offer ongoing short-term and long-term counselling. I have availability for new clients during weekday daytimes. I see clients face-to-face from my room in Teignmouth or via Zoom if preferred.


What are your fees?

The fees for an inital consultation of 30 minutes are £20. My fees for counselling/psychotherapy are £50 per session. Sessions are 60 minutes long and this includes time to arrange further appointments.

Session fees should be paid via BACs transfer 24 hours prior to the session. Payment prior to our sessions acts as a confirmation of your attendance. If an outstanding balance remains, we will be unable to meet for further sessions until this balance is settled. These details are available in my contract. I do not accept cash payments at the current time.


What happens if I need to cancel a session?

I appreciate sometimes life happens and it may be the case that due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances a counselling session may have to be cancelled. I respectfully ask all clients to let me know wherever possible if our session(s) need to be cancelled or postponed. If sessions are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice then the usual hourly rate for our sessions may* still be charged.


What if you don't have availability right now?

If I do not have availablity to work with you right away, I will add your name to a waiting list and will be in touch when space becomes available. Alternatively, if you cannot wait for me to become available, I will help signpost you to another local counsellor, or resources that may be of use.


Do you have supervision?

I absolutely do. I complete regular individual and group supervision sessions to ensure best practice. Supervision also allows me to address any relevant issues that I may feel are present. Client confidentiality is paramount: client identies are not revealed to my supervisor(s).


Are you insured?

Yes. I am insured by Oxygen insurance, a specialist insurance company for Counselling professionals.


What's the deal with your social media?

You are welcome to interact with my social media page on Facebook but I will not look at your social media on any platforms. Shoud I receive requests or communication via these platforms, I will decline, in order to respect your privacy.


Are you a member of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)?

Yes. My reference number is ZB558874. 


Where can I read your privacy policy?

My privacy policy is available to download here.


I have another question that you haven't covered here! How can I get in touch?

Please do contact me directly! All the details of how to reach me are here. I will always do my best to get in touch as soon as possible.