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The Politics of Distress

I recently had the good fortune to be able to attend a CPD event hosted by James Davies - author of Sedated and Cracked. This was hosted by the Therapists and Social Change Network (which I subscribe to, as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist).

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On Yoga!

I recently had the opportunity to attend a yoga retreat – which is definitely a new experience for me. I’ve dabbled in yoga practice over the years, but never really been ‘into’ it. But, I decided I wanted to experience something new and also try out another form of mindfulness – and self-care. Something I strongly advocate in my work with clients.

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Book Review: Stray

‘I’ve loved some very sad people in my life and hurt myself trying to get them to change. They didn’t, and I have no business being surprised by it. People tell you who they are.’

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On Self Care

The concept of self-care is one of those ideas which is being talked about more than ever as an idea. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about myself.

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On connection

I recently had a problem with my car. I took it to the garage to be repaired and I went off to a local café that I’ve walked past many times but never been in, armed with my laptop and books, to do some work. It was quiet. I ordered a large coffee [my own personal vice] and fired up my laptop.

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What is counselling?

Do you remember reading the children’s book – Dr Xargle’s Book of Earth Hounds? It’s a famous children’s book featuring an alien – Dr Xargle.  In this book Dr Xargle studies dogs and attempts to teach alien children about what exactly they are. I wonder what Dr Xargle might have said about counselling, had he attempted to describe it. If he had peeped into the window of the counselling room during a session, he might simply see two people, having a conversation. Traditionally, that’s what counselling tends to look like. Of course – that’s not all it is.

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I'm happy to share that Bluebird Counseling & Psychotherapy is a proud member of the Safe Space Alliance. 

The Safe Space Alliance is a LGBTQI+ organisation which helps LGBTQI+ folks identify safe spaces: 'a safe space is a space where LGBTQI+ communities can freely express themselves without fear. It is a space that does not tolerate violence, bullying, or hate speech towards LGBTQI+ communities.'

'A safe space does not guarantee 100% safety, rather, it’s a space that has your back if an incident (violence, bullying, or hate speech) were to occur.'

It is part of my ethos to work in a gender & identity affirming way with all my clients and to be actively anti-transphobic, anti-racist and anti-oppressive - and I'm delighted to be able to welcome LGBTQI+ clients to a safe therapeutic space.

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